Hello Autumn!🍂🍂

It’s finally October! My favourite season of the year… partly because I love been cosy and snuggled up with blankets, whilst watching films and sipping warm tea. Also because it’s Halloween! Who doesn’t love halloween?

As the days start getting shorter and the temperatures start to fall, I’m going to share some of my favourite autumn essentials!

As the autumn chills seep in, and winter creeps closer, the cold weather may dehydrate your skin, especially your hands… I really recommend the ‘vanilla chai hand cream’ from the body shop! The heavenly scent of vanilla stays on your hands all day as well as protects and moisturises them!

Many people also get dry, chapped lips in October…again, because of the cold weather, which is really annoying! I recommend the Carmex lip balm! It keeps your lips moisturised for up to 3 hours and it’s quick and easy to apply! Most of the ingredients are natural and organic which is best for your lips! You can buy carmex from your local pharmacy or boots!

One of my favourite parts of autumn is makeup! I LOVE autumn themed makeup, especially eyeshadow because you can be so creative with it and it’s really fun to practice! I recommend the morphe ‘ armed and gorgeous’ eyeshadow pallet, which is autumn themed and it only costs £15! (Also when I get to 100 followers on here, I’ll be doing a ‘second nature’ morphe pallet giveaway which is also autumn themed! If you want to enter, keep an eye out on my instagram and Twitter, where I’m most active!)

The best part of autumn is fluffy socks!! Everyone love fluffy socks! Especially me.. I own like a million pairs of them… you just can’t go wrong with them and there great for gifts too. The best places to get fluffy socks from is primark- they do a big variety of sizes and colours which is amazing and there so soft and fluffy!

The last thing I love about October is gingerbread green tea!!! It’s my absolute favourite thing in the whole wide world! It relaxes you and it warms you up after a cold day! The best thing about it is that it’s caffeine free! This is a good way to end the evening, all snuggled up in bed, toasty and warm whilst watching halloween films! One of my all time favourite halloween films is ‘hocus pocus’ I’ve watched it every October since I was little and I still love it now! October wouldn’t be the same without it!

Thank you for reading my autumn blog! I hope you found it helpful in some shape or form..

-Ellie x

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