How to have a relaxing pampering day at home!

1) start off by tidying, polishing and hoovering your room! As they say, tidy room, tidy mind.. this will help you to feel more organised and calm!

2) wash your bed sheets! You can’t beat the feeling of fresh bed sheets! It makes your room feel 100% cleaner and it’s also good if you have acne because of the bacteria and sweat that builds up on your pillow when you sleep! You should always wash your bed sheets at least once a week!

3) run yourself a bubble bath with your favourite oils and bath bombs! The warm water in the bath will help your muscles relax and let all your worries and cares drift away! Whilst your in the bath, listen to some relaxing music, pour yourself a glass of wine, light some candles and shave your body to feel squeaky clean! Wash your hair and body with your favourite products and relax!

4) steam your face! You can do this easily by simply boiling hot water in a kettle or on a stove and pouring it in to a bowl with your favourite facial oils! Hold your head over the bowl and put a towel over, making sure no heat gets let out! This will clear your pores of dirt and unwanted bacteria and will leave you with glowing skin!

5) apply a soothing face mask! You can either make or buy a face mask from a shop! I recommend making one because it will be more organic and less chemicals which is better for your skin! It also has more natural products! A quick and easy recipe is just to mash some strawberries together, add a few spoonfuls of honey and mix with plain yogurt! Leave for 15 mins and your skin will be glowing!

6) turn your phone off! Yes… I know, it’s hard but it will help you to relax and it’s a good way to switch off from the world! Instead of being on your phone for 10 hours, why not read a book or watch a good old, throwback movie on Netflix! A few oldies I recommend that everyone loves are Angus, thongs and perfect snogging, 13 going on 30, my girl, wild child, and clueless! I hope you enjoy your relaxing pamper day!

-ellie x

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