20 things you probably don’t know about me!

1) my natural hair colour is dark blonde

2) I love old/throwback songsss

3) I love Disney films because who doesn’t

4) I hate having long nails because they annoy me like MaD

5) my friends/family call me ellzbellz

6) I live with my mum, dad and 2 brothers

7) i fake tan alot because I’m as pale as a ghost and look like I’m about to die:)

8) I love animals ( especially puppies)

9) I loveee school so much! (Jk I can’t stand it!)

10) People call me little legs/ midget because I’m 5’0 hahaha

11) I wear prescription contact lenses because I hate wearing glasses and might as well just be blind without them:)

12) I’m veryyyy sarcastic

13) When I was little I had a cat called popcorn… I don’t have a clue why but there ya go😂

14) I hate wearing jeans but do anyway

15) I can sit reading memes for hours.. ( not that I have *cough*)

16) when I was 9 I attempted to jump out of my window on to my trampoline and I fell through it:)

17) I love eating maltasers with popcorn ( If you haven’t tried it I really recommend it because it tastes GoRgEOus!!!)

18) I’m petrified of spiders!!!

19) I can’t stand warm weather because I’m secretly a vampire and stay inside the whole of summer hence why I’m pale as a ghost:)

20) you probably know this but I LOVE BLOGGING AND I LOVE YOU GUYSS❤️

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