Kylie Jenner Candy K Lip Kit Review!

Hi everyone! A friend from twitter requested if I would do a kylie lip kit review and that’s exactly what i did! I personally don’t like matte lipsticks but I thought I would give it a try anyway! I managed to get my hands on a gorgeous kind of nudy pink/purple colour called Candy K…

When I first applied the product, the first thing that sprung to my mind was the heavenly scent! As I applied it the texture seemed creamy and moisturising yet it was somewhat matifying at the same time, which is different from most matt lipsticks… it applied sleek and fairly on the lips and it had a lot of pigmentation to it. The lip liner was just as good and glided on easily! As the day went by I started to feel my lips turning a little dry but it still looked amazing as it was when I applied it and it didn’t move at all throughout the day.

I attempted to take the product off with micellar water and a cotton pad, it took some rubbing to get every single bit of the lipstick off but it will come in handy if it starts to rain!

Overall I have to say I love this product and I definitely will use this again! Thank you for all the support I have gotten from Instagram and Twitter and to all the new friends I have made starting my blog this week! I’m great full for you all and I hope you liked this review! If you want me to review anything else just let me know and I will 🙂 x

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